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REVIGOR offers a fabulous collection of clothing, accessories and decor.

As a service REVIGOR delivers magical signature moments to your closet, home and fabulous life.

Imagine revigoring several of your out-of-commission favorites or someone else's - your mother, your grandpa, your child, your best friend! - into a new hand-crafted delight.

Our signature Haute Couver is the must-have kimono that every woman needs.

The hold just about everything Bucket Bag is as functional as it is fabulous.

A Scarf Nouvelle, a pashmina + story rich panels delight.

In your home imagine a signature moment on your bed or wall with a Bed Couver.

Or a couple REVIGOR pillows on your couch made from fabrics and clothing of those you love.

Or a sculptural piece for the book shelf, mantel or wall made from meaningful things from with in your world.

The REVIGOR clothing, accessory and decor possibilities are endless and the pieces made are indeed priceless.

REVIGOR is also a divine gift to give and get.

  • WWT NecklaceWWT Necklace
  • Jefferson Wears Revigor Mens ShirtJefferson Wears Revigor Mens Shirt
  • Fabulous Folder - OpenFabulous Folder - Open
  • Haute Couver LongSamantha wears Haute Couver Long
  • Amee wears Haute CouverAmee wears Haute Couver
  • Wrapity Wrap Dress - SideWrapity Wrap Dress - Side
  • Lisa Boohar wears Haute Couver LongLisa B wears Haute Couver
  • Double Flow - FrontDouble Flow - Front
  • Wrapity Wrap Dress - OpenWrapity Wrap Dress - Open
  • Revigor 1 of A Wrapity Wrap DressWrapity Wrap Dress
  • Lisa P wears Haute CouverLisa P wears Haute Couver
  • Bucket BagsBucket Bags
  • Bucket Bag Red Maroon BrownBucket Bag
  • Haute Couver BackCharlene wears Haute Couver Long
  • Bed Couver - CloseupBed Couver - Closeup
  • Mark Wears Revigor Mens ShirtMark Wears Revigor Mens Shirt
  • Haute Couver Long: FrontAmy wears Haute Couver Long

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