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Look What You Can Do!

Brighten a room with a signature REVIGOR Decor piece made with your stories.

With Amy concoct and create from within the world that is the most special to you. Use your things.

Working with world class crafts people together you can create powerful editorial moments in the world around you.

REVIGOR Bed Couvers, pillows, wall hangings and sculputural moments.

Here are a few examples .. there are more in the works ...

Three Plates:

A series of 3 revigored plate sculptures made from multiple plates. Each plate is unique and all 3 together make a family, uniting the homes of the 3 special families where they are displayed.

The Treasure Box:

White fabric from an alter wrapping a box holding pieces made from fabrics of treasured but no longer worn clothing. This box captures an era of time for is owner.

The Family Puzzle:

6 pieces total. Each unique and each in the household of an extended family. When all 6 are together they form a standing sculpture which is only created when the family comes together.

Coco's Couver:

The first REVIGOR duvet cover. Made to drape rakishly over Coco (the volvo) on display for REVIGOR outdoor events. Made with assorted linens, pillow shams and recovered fabrics.

Panels, not patchwork, design create long and elegant swatches of color and texture. REVIGOR Decor makes great great gifts too....

  • Plate TC SAPlate TC SA
  • Plate 02Plate 02
  • PuzzlePuzzle
  • Treasurebox OpenTreasure Box Open
  • Treasurebox ClosedTreasurebox Closed
  • B Couver HangingB Couver Hanging

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