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Imagine What They Can Do!

A REVIGOR Gift Certificate is the gift that keeps on giving.

With a Gift Certificate you will enable someone you love to dig deep into their closet and into their things and experience the magic of REVIGOR.


Consider giving a revigored piece made from your things.

A Moment, a Scarf Nouvelle, a Fabulous Tote or Folder, a signature Decor sculptural moment - all oozing with your stories, your history, your love.

Clothing, Accessories and Decor.

One-of-a-kind and priceless.

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  • WWT NecklaceWWT Necklace
  • Jefferson Wears Revigor Mens ShirtJefferson Wears Revigor Mens Shirt
  • Fabulous Folder - OpenFabulous Folder - Open
  • Haute Couver LongSamantha wears Haute Couver Long
  • Amee wears Haute CouverAmee wears Haute Couver
  • Wrapity Wrap Dress - SideWrapity Wrap Dress - Side
  • Lisa Boohar wears Haute Couver LongLisa B wears Haute Couver
  • Double Flow - FrontDouble Flow - Front
  • Wrapity Wrap Dress - OpenWrapity Wrap Dress - Open
  • Revigor 1 of A Wrapity Wrap DressWrapity Wrap Dress
  • Lisa P wears Haute CouverLisa P wears Haute Couver
  • Bucket BagsBucket Bags
  • Bucket Bag Red Maroon BrownBucket Bag
  • Haute Couver BackCharlene wears Haute Couver Long
  • Bed Couver - CloseupBed Couver - Closeup
  • Mark Wears Revigor Mens ShirtMark Wears Revigor Mens Shirt
  • Haute Couver Long: FrontAmy wears Haute Couver Long

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