REVIGOR = to create new life with old fashion

We're a band of creative women who figured out how to recreate new life within our client’s homes and closets by combining world class crafts personship and design, modern and exciting thinking about style and being innovative with what they already have.

And we are thinking about how to do the right thing - shop less and be fabulous.

Each REVIGOR piece honors its person and its place by being exquisitely made of panels (not patchwork) derived from the stories shared between item and owner.

Contact us directly and we will get to working on your new beautiful piece.

Our Promise

To always:

  1. Be honest, be hopeful, be inventive, be bold.
  2. To use world-class crafts personship when creating every REVIGOR piece.
  3. To build the best company possible that honors the magic of all involved -
  • Our customers and their clothes, their feelings and their stories.
  • Our partners and vendors, their work and integrity as business people.
  • Our family and friends who we love...
  • and each other.

Let us into your drawers, we promise... it will be fun!

Amy & Charlene
Point of View

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