Opportunity: Attend Events

“The world you see is the one you make.”
— Ricky Lee Jones

Check back for REVIGOR Events Happening Near You.

Imagine what you can do:

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Choose pieces from your closet or the closet of someone you love.

Come to a fabulous event!

Together with the founders of REVIGOR transform your old into fabulously new.

Orders will be taken at the event, fulfilled at REVIGOR HQ and shipped back to you upon completion.

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  • Collage Window
  • Ottillia at Collage
  • Sal at Collage
  • Cornerstone AC Chair
  • Collage
  • Cornerstone CB
  • Cornerstone Family
  • Cornerstone Lookie
  • Cornerstone MP
  • Cornerstone Setup
  • Cornerstone Tube Scarfs
  • Cornerstone WWD Setup
  • LA Family
  • LA Rack o' Couvers

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