To Order: Panel Design Process

Ready, Set... REVIGOR!

The REVIGOR panel is a key element to the design and success of each REVIGOR piece. It is vital that each panel be an elongated, fluid swatch of color and texture. Panels are thoughtfully integrated into each REVIGOR piece to achieve the desired fabulous outcome.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Choose piece from the REVIGOR Collection.
  2. Determine your size by using the REVIGOR Size Chart.
  3. Begin the Panel Design Process: Pick enough clothing or fabric to be deconstructed into the panels necessary to produce your custom piece. Think about the combinations of colors and textures.
  4. Check Panel Design Grid for the number of your items we need to produce your custom REVIGOR piece.
  5. Fill out our order form
  6. Please include details about your order in comments section:
    • Which Revigor piece you are ordering
    • Color choice if ordering Scarf Nouvelle
    • Your size if ordering Haute Couver, Wrapity Wrap Dress or Top
    • Any anecdotes you would like to share about the clothing you have chosen to revigor.
  7. Send your items to us at REVIGOR HQ.
    28 West St,
    Petaluma CA 94952
  8. We will revigor and send back to you.
  9. Please note:
    Orders take 4 to 6 weeks.
    Prices do not include shipping.
    See REVIGOR Policies for details.


  • WWT NecklaceWWT Necklace
  • Jefferson Wears Revigor Mens ShirtJefferson Wears Revigor Mens Shirt
  • Fabulous Folder - OpenFabulous Folder - Open
  • Haute Couver LongSamantha wears Haute Couver Long
  • Amee wears Haute CouverAmee wears Haute Couver
  • Wrapity Wrap Dress - SideWrapity Wrap Dress - Side
  • Lisa Boohar wears Haute Couver LongLisa B wears Haute Couver
  • Double Flow - FrontDouble Flow - Front
  • Wrapity Wrap Dress - OpenWrapity Wrap Dress - Open
  • Revigor 1 of A Wrapity Wrap DressWrapity Wrap Dress
  • Lisa P wears Haute CouverLisa P wears Haute Couver
  • Bucket BagsBucket Bags
  • Bucket Bag Red Maroon BrownBucket Bag
  • Haute Couver BackCharlene wears Haute Couver Long
  • Bed Couver - CloseupBed Couver - Closeup
  • Mark Wears Revigor Mens ShirtMark Wears Revigor Mens Shirt
  • Haute Couver Long: FrontAmy wears Haute Couver Long

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